girl behind the camera


Hello! My name is Beca and I'm a wedding and life style photographer! I live in beautiful Miami, Florida and I’m a dog mom to the most adorable french bulldog on this earth named Pablo. I’m currently enjoying that sweet, sweet newlywed life with my handsome husband, Jonathan! Follow me on instagram- I post new work frequently and I share an obnoxious amount of photos my dog on my story.

When I'm not photographing couples or glued to my computer editing you can find me

-Trying new restaurants all over town
- Going to concerts
- Knitting accessories I can’t ever wear (hey 90 degree Florida weather)
-Spending unhealthy amounts of time at Target
-Snuggling my pup on the couch with a glass of wine and marathoning the office.
-Thoroughly vacuuming my apartment (I have a vacuuming obsession AM I THE ONLY ONE?)

in action

engagement session