Behind the camera

Hey there! Happy you’ve found your way to my little home on the internet. My name is Beca and I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Charlotte, NC and serving the Carolinas!

I’m super passionate about wedding/couples photography. I am the most sentimental person and I really feel like it’s a gift that has led me to this treasure of a job! Memories are so important. Weddings are so special. I wouldn’t trade this career for anything. There is so much joy and excitement behind what I’d do and I’d love to share more about that with you!

5 facts about me

I’ll be celebrating 2 years of marriage to my handsome husband, Jon and we are currently enjoying that sweet, sweet newlywed life. Marrying him and experiencing all that wedding day bliss/joy has given me brand new eyes for wedding days and a whole new level of connection with my clients. 

1. newlywed

Pablo is our 5 year old french bulldog- he runs the show. Belly rubs and long naps are his thing.

2. pablo the pup

I love all things arts+crafts and I’m always down to learn something new. I can spend hours browsing a craft store looking for a new fun project. Currently, knitting and pottery have my attention when I’m not working.

3. hobbies

I was born and raised in Miami, Fl and I’m first generation Cuban American (although you’d never guess because my spanish sucks and I hate black beans).

4. 305 till I die

What started as 1 tiny little house plant, has somehow turned into a JUNGLE over the last year. Our home is filled with beautiful plants that are all my babies and caring for them is my unofficial therapy!

5. Houseplants

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I'm a wedding + portrait photographer based in Charlotte, NC and I'm passionate about using my gifts and time to document precious moments + special occasions. I’m a sentimental girl that values memories and moments, which is why I think photography is such a huge part of my life. There is so much joy and excitement behind what I do and I'd love to share that with you- Lets chat!!